Just want to be alone…. Very very alone

I would like people to stop running my relationship telling me when I can n can’t get married or then start a family it’s really annoying that you have that much pull on someone they can’t decide for themselves


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Why does he turn into slight asshole when he’s around different guys


13 Unusual Back-to-School Items
Sure, we’ve been conditioned by Hollywood and immature humor websites to believe that college is just a four-year, drunken, sex-fueled bacchanal, but we don’t expect people to admit it. Certainly not the chain stores holding special “Back to School” sales. But these ones don’t pull any punches. Here’s 13 pictures of items in the “Back to School” section that have nothing to do with your education
Why do people try to ruin happiness?

Why do people try to interject into a relationship?? Granted your looking out for him, but telling him when he should do something? How long he should wait? Making an oblivious statement that I am not cut out to handle your deployment? Really…. I’m willing to drop everything, leave my friends, my family, everything I love to move to be closer to him… And you don’t think I have what it takes? I’ve been through a lot worse and I’m still standing stronger then ever!!! I am willing to prove you wrong and I will!! I will show you that I am string enough


pusheen the cat and silent drape runners* will b at the C$C$ art partie
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Robot Dinosaur

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